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Here are some of the best golf tips I have found that should help you improve your golf game.

Actually I was going to write an ebook with 101 golf tips but decided to give them to you free. I will be adding regularly so bookmark this page and keep coming back.

Golf Tip 1

Don't use too many clubs for your short game. Too many choices can confuse you and you are much better off and will see lower golf scores if you limit your clubs and become more efficient with each.

Use the pitching wedge, an 8 iron, and - my favorite - the 7 iron. The 8 iron runs more more than the pitching wedge and, with time and practice, you will be better able to judge when to use each one.

Aim at the target

A simple golf tip but one that gets overlooked :
Aiming at a target during practice will make you a better golfer and carries over to your golf game.

When you're on the practice range, don't just see how far you can hit the ball. Pick a target and aim for that target. First of all it will make your golf practice more fun and challenging.

Secondly - that's the object of the game. To hit the ball where you want to hit it. You'll improve just as much when practicing the short game as when practicing the long game.

Calloway Golf Club

The Callaway golf club is one of the most popular and also reliable types of golf club in the market today. There are so many people (particularly retired men) that are fascinated with golf today and it is no wonder the Callaway golf club is now at the peak of success when it comes to golf clubs.

This is a club all serious golfers should at least investigate

One golf tip you must heed is to develop a proper golf grip.

The Proper Golf Grip

Proper grip is important in driving. If you grip your club too tightly, you might get too uncomfortable to make an accurate shot. If you grip it too loosely, then you might see your club fly along with your golf ball.

For everyone, your less dominant hand (left hand if golfing right handed) is essentially a strong factor. You don't want the club to be positioned too high in your palm and you don't want it too low either. A diagonal position is a preferred grip of the club with respect to your less dominant hand.

Your dominant hand should be less dominant. Don't let that hand grip the club too tightly or too loosely. This will not help you with your drive. You want it to be loose and relaxed. You might want to put a gap between your first and second fingers. This will give you more power and proper angle to your shots making your drive longer and more accurate.

You should make sure your hands are linked together. Try sticking out the thumb of your less dominant hand and covering it with the palm of your more dominant hand. This will ensure that your grip is tightly secured by your two hands. It would also help your shot as your more dominant hand supports your less dominant hand and vice versa.

Golf Club Grip will further explain the golf grip.

The Golf Swing

There is so much advice on exactly how to properly swing a golf club. The bottom line is you need to develop a consistent swing; one that works for you; and stick with it. Period.

One of the best golf tips I can give you is to learn to swing properly and this site Golf Swing Tips will help you immensely.

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