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Improve Your Golf Swing with Symple Swing

Symple Golf Swing is a "Shoulder Powered Golf Swing". The shoulders start the backswing and the shoulders start the downswing. The efficient use of the shoulders is the key to much of the dramatic distance increase that golfers experience with the Symple Golf Swing.

The people at Symple Swing have eliminated many of the things that normally go wrong in a golf swing. Your golf swing is now longer, straighter and more consistent. It is effective and efficient because it has fewer moving parts moving in much simpler motions. And it turns out that longer, straighter and more consistent shot making makes golf a lot more fun.

That's what they say. The real secret is in the power thumb grip. It makes it much easier to keep the backswing and the downswing in sinc. And there's the key to a better golf swing.

I'll tell you what. If you practice this simple golf swing and use golf dust on your clubhead, you'll be dangerous!

Symple Swing™ - More Power and No Slice
Amazing new golf swing. We guarantee more distance, more consistency and more accuracy.

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